Project Management

Project Management from Your Remote Team

No more managing your data alone. Your daily operations is a portfolio of projects and programs. Approaching a collection of tasks, no matter how tedious, with data being the priority you can improve your efficiency saving time; you can get more done.

Eliminating the paper chase, and sharing the load with your remote team increases your level of success. Reach your goal quicker with our concierge service.

  • Get your technical needs matched with do-it-yourself (DIY) applications

  • Support to better organize and maintain data and records

  • Eliminate the confusion with technical jargon

  • Specialty includes: online shops management, creative projects, calendar management, email efficiency, website launches, bookkeeping, HR data management, payroll processing, assisting small businesses less than ten employees

Services Included

  • Data Management

  • Technical Writing

  • Data Entry

  • Access Management

  • Process Creation

  • System Improvements

  • Website Management

  • Website Updates

  • Shopping Carts

  • Payroll Processing

  • Book keeping

  • HR onboarding

  • Liaison to Manufacturers

  • Warranty Verification

  • Research

  • Domain Edits

  • Website Recovery

  • Data Backup

  • Vendor management

  • AR/AP set up

  • Calendar management

  • Social Media Setup

  • Content Writing

  • Virtual Meeting Hosting

  • License Management

  • Inventory Updates

  • Digital asset cleanup