Where' s My Team

Scenario 1

Lee started a landscaping company. He's built his skills over the last two decades and does not have reliable admin help. He sees opportunity to grow in his industry and local community. Since there is alot of competition and high retention in both low and peak season, staffing fluctuate. Though he is polished when it comes to his work ethics, customer relations, and follow through, he has yet to multiply it among his team. He thinks his problem is that no one wants to work as hard as he does, but the real problem is that he does not have systems in place to attract more professionals like him.

Scenario 2

Cheryl became an online retailer during her 2 trimester. She saw great success, and proof that quitting her fulltime job was possible. She almost matched her fulltime income when she began having complications during her pregnancy. She kept her fulltime job, but paused her online store. The satisfied customers flooded her email and she has yet to supply the continuous demand. No one close to her knew her process, so no family or friends could pick up the pieces. Though is now enjoying motherhood, she is discouraged she will never get that momentum back. She wants to begin again, but is afraid life will flip on her again.

Scenario 3

Partners Jen and Jerry have great ideas. Neither wants to write them down. They produce creative works together, and refuse secretarial-like duties to record their process. The stay clear of computers and applying any technical skills not related to their art. The hate thinking about payroll, bill paying, and any form of organization that slows them down. They send Cashapp or Zelle to temporary or part time help. Money is not an issue. They just do not know what software applications can help, and are uninterested in performing such duties.